Boro Lampwork

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can I find inexpensive jellyfish pendants?

I really love this one, and this one

Also, I am willing to pay about 25-30 dollars if there is anybody interested in making one for me

obviously i've already checked ebay, are there any others? Preferably money order/cashier check acceptable? Thanks

Best Answer...


If you go to and type in Jelly Fish Pendant into the search bar it'll bring up the one they have that's $22.99 I believe. Not sure if it's money order or cashier's check acceptable though...These are intriguing however and I'm going to continue looking for some more. I'll let you know if I find any

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Boro Lampwork

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Jason Gordon of Live Free Designs making a 14" wide by 6" deep boro glass dish!!!

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