Abstract Glass Furniture

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Contemporary Furniture, The Clean Design Style

Decorating with contemporary furniture is a relatively simple process. This decorating style lends itself to clean lines and a clutter-less environment. Many people that choose this style do so because of the architectural element it can offer in a space.

When choosing furniture for the space you are decorating it is important to remember the scale of the pieces in relation to the scale of room you are tackling. This is, of course, important with any room you are decorating. However, because with contemporary design your furniture is generally the primary focal point, often being the artistic aspect of the room, it is even more so.

Several elements can be used in this style of decorating. Many think that one can only use elements such as metal or stone in a contemporary environment. These are very attractive mediums to use in modern pieces, wood will also offer a nice medium for the clean lines desired in modern design. When choosing wood for this particular design style there are some choices that will not be as desirable as others. Oak for instance is generally associated with a country style. Choose wisely when choosing wood in this design endeavor.

Metals are also a medium that is frequently used in modern style. Many pieces you may find in contemporary furnishings will have that clean metal look, shiny. Because this reflective unforgiving surface can be very prominent in a room you may want to choose this in an area where it is a kid free zone. Choosing a black metal or unpolished metal look is a very viable option also.

Because most people who choose this style tend to appreciate a more eccentric or abstract art style, color will often be found in those pieces in the room rather than in the furniture itself. Although when choosing your furnishings you may want your fabrics to add little pops of color as well. Selecting a single piece of furniture in color such as a side chair is an option to add the color as well.

Adding stone elements to the room is a fantastic way to bring in the natural aspect to the design while staying with the harder surface mediums. You may find coffee tables or side tables in this medium. You may find shelves in this medium also. Stone based lighting is another option to bring this element into the furnishings.

Glass lends itself nicely to this style and is used in just about every contemporary style furnishing you will find in the market place. Most often finding this element in your tables combined with metals. You will also find darker woods with the glass inserts as a contemporary furniture style as well.

Regardless of what mediums you choose when decorating with modern furnishings you will find this is one of the minimalistic styles that is the easiest to use. These furnishings can vary in price just as any other style. Although finding budget friendly pieces can be pretty simple because of the less intricate design work and detail that is generally associated with contemporary furnishings.

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Abstract Glass Furniture

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