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Jewelry Grade


Jewelry Box Buying Guide

Jewelry boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles, all with the goal of storing, protecting, organizing, and displaying jewelry. Boxes for jewelry may be leather, fabric, or wood. There are boxes intended for travel or home and men, women, or children. So how do you buy a jewelry box?

Jewelry boxes can be made from wood, leather, metal, or various types of fabric. Some boxes are intended specifically for protecting and organizing your jewelry while you travel, while others are intended to compliment the decor of your home. Most jewelry boxes made with women in mind, but there are also jewelry boxes for men and jewelry boxes for children.

With so many choices how do you choose the right jewelry box? How do you select the best one? The key is the think about how much and what type of jewelry you have, how you want to use your jewelry box, and then set a budget. Below are some popular types of jewelry boxes. Each one has its own unique appeal and is designed to keep your jewelry safe and secure. All you have to do is pick the one you like.

Boxes for children's jewelry are usually more about the box than its contents. They can be cardboard or wood wrapped in a licensed character's image or fabric. Inexpensive jewelry boxes have a simple latch. When opened, they play a song for a twirling ballerina. Boxes suitable for an older child may be wrapped in brightly-colored leather or fabric. They're often lined with satin rather than velvet and have one to three compartments and a mirror.


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