Spun Glass

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Imperial Glass Co REEDED SPUN 80 oz Ice Lip Pitcher  6 12 oz Tumblers
imperial glass co reeded spun 80 oz ice lip pitcher 6 12 oz tumblers
Genuine Handmade Spun Glass Tiger Figure Ornament Animal Lge Boxed uk seller
genuine handmade spun glass tiger figure ornament animal lge boxed uk seller
Genuine Handmade Spun Glass Ballerina Figure Boxed C uk seller
genuine handmade spun glass ballerina figure boxed c uk seller
Rosenthal Studio Line Zsofia Kanyak Spun Glass Hammertone Bowl
rosenthal studio line zsofia kanyak spun glass hammertone bowl
Amazing Stemware Footed Twisted Glass Spun Art Glass J C Piasco Rochefort France
amazing stemware footed twisted glass spun art glass j c piasco rochefort france
Rosenthal Studio line Tall Bowl by Zsofia Kanyak9 half  x 6 German Spun Glass
rosenthal studio line tall bowl by zsofia kanyak9 half x 6 german spun glass
Set of 3 Genuine Handmade Spun Glass Meerkats Figure Ornament Animal uk seller
set of 3 genuine handmade spun glass meerkats figure ornament animal uk seller
Genuine Handmade Spun Glass Ballerina Figure Boxed C uk seller
genuine handmade spun glass ballerina figure boxed c uk seller
Unique Glass Blown Hand Spun Christmas TreeChanges Color
unique glass blown hand spun christmas treechanges color
Collectible Miniature Grand Piano Lacework Spun Crystal 22k Gold Accents Glass
collectible miniature grand piano lacework spun crystal 22k gold accents glass
avon spun glass ornaments x 4 boxeschristmas treeanglestar in each box 1998
Vintage Hand Made Spun Art Glass Schooner Sailing Ship 3 Masts Estate Find 85
vintage hand made spun art glass schooner sailing ship 3 masts estate find 85
antique old murano glass blue air spun floral flower confetti bubble paperweight
Imperial Reeded Spun White and Black Deco Vanity Perfume Cologne Set
imperial reeded spun white and black deco vanity perfume cologne set
Blown Spun Glass Two birds
blown spun glass two birds
Nice Tangerine Blenko Spun Art Glass Capsule Pill 8016 circa 1980 Don Shepherd
nice tangerine blenko spun art glass capsule pill 8016 circa 1980 don shepherd
Beautiful Spun Glass Tea For Two
beautiful spun glass tea for two
New Minh Martin of Romeo Glass Rainbow Spun Art Glass Vase
new minh martin of romeo glass rainbow spun art glass vase
36 Blown Spun glass Miniature Flaming Candle Sticks
36 blown spun glass miniature flaming candle sticks
Hand Blown Murano Art Spun Glass Blue With Gold Trim Perfume Bottle W STOPPER
hand blown murano art spun glass blue with gold trim perfume bottle w stopper
Hand Blown Murano Art Spun Glass Blue Perfume Bottle W STOPPER
hand blown murano art spun glass blue perfume bottle w stopper
Fenton spun Shell Bowl
fenton spun shell bowl
1960s 1970s Vtg Disneyland blown spun art glass Kangaroo 5 figurine Disney
1960s 1970s vtg disneyland blown spun art glass kangaroo 5 figurine disney
1960s 1970s Vtg Disneyland blown spun art glass Dog Cat 2 half  figurines old
1960s 1970s vtg disneyland blown spun art glass dog cat 2 half figurines old
SIX COLLECTIBLE SPUN GLASS Crystal Figurines Mirror Base GOLD BARON + gifts
six collectible spun glass crystal figurines mirror base gold baron + gifts
Imperial Reeded Whirlpool Spun Steigel Green Pitcher and 9 Glasses
imperial reeded whirlpool spun steigel green pitcher and 9 glasses
Unique Cranberry Spun Threaded Glass Lower With Cut Stars Center Art Glass Vase
unique cranberry spun threaded glass lower with cut stars center art glass vase
Cobalt Blue Imperial WHIRLSPOOL SPUN PITCHER Depression Glass Rare HTF
cobalt blue imperial whirlspool spun pitcher depression glass rare htf

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Spun Glass

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spun glass piano

NGE Leading Change in Auto Glass Marketplace.

CLOVIS, Calif., Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Glass
Exchange (

NGE Neon Genesis Evangelion
NGE New Game Enhancements
NGE Not Good Enough
) has launched its Windshield Protection Plans in markets
across the US. The Plans supplement existing auto insurance and provide
for repair or replacement of the covered vehicle's windshield.
"This is a completely new product in the automotive glass services
sector," said
Ken Keller


 of NGE. "We worked with a great
deal of input from the insurance industry to design a program to meet
their needs, as well as to be a shot in the arm for the
 /stag·nant/ ()
1. motionless; not flowing or moving.

2. inactive; not developing or progressing.
glass industry." The Plans are sold exclusively through insurance
agents and auto dealers. They take advantage of a growing opportunity in
the consumer marketplace: a trend toward raising deductibles leaves tens
of millions of motorists at risk for high out-of-pocket expenses for a
windshield replacement. Windshield Protection Plans fill that gap in
coverage at an affordable price.

NGE is solving a growing problem for auto insurers as well. By
utilizing Windshield Protection Plans, insurers can transfer claims risk
and fraud concerns, as well as the claims administration, to a third
party, while maintaining a high level of customer care for their
insured. NGE's claims administration is not tied to an auto glass
retailer or manufacturer, therefore it avoids conflicts of interest. The
end customer is the top priority.

"The industry has been waiting for something new," said
Keller. "An alarming decrease in retail competition has been
occurring across the country leading to broad implications for
retailers, consumers and insurers. Additionally, the limited options for
Third Party Administration leave insurers with mounting uncertainty and
higher expenses."

NGE announced it had secured underwriting in June of 2012. Since
then, the company has been working closely with its claims administrator
and call center to fine tune processes and procedures that are specific
to windshield repair and replacement. The administrator has a proven
track record with warranty and protection plans covering numerous
automotive and
consumer goods

. "Since this is a such an innovative
approach, it's been a big job to get all the pieces just
right," said Keller. The time has been well spent however, as
NGE's Windshield Protection Plans are designed to have longevity in
the marketplace by providing solutions for the insurance industry both
in the present and the future.

Independent insurance agencies and auto dealerships may register
on-line to sell the Plans at ngeserv.com. Contract generation is fast
and simple through an on-line portal, which also provides easy tracking
of contracts, accounts and commissions.

For more information on NGE's Windshield Protection Plans,
contact Kristen Spinning, Director of Marketing & Communications, at
520-780-1323 or k.spinning@ngeserv.com. You can also visit the NGE
website at www.ngeserv.com.

About National Glass Exchange

The National Glass Exchange,

 (NGE) is a solutions provider for
auto glass claims management. Headquartered in Clovis, CA, NGE designs
innovative systems that help insurance companies deliver higher service
levels while reducing cost and risk of auto glass claims.

Contact Kristen Spinning k.spinning@ngeserv.com 520-780-1323

SOURCE National Glass Exchange

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